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Shiatzy Chen, Spring/Summer 2014

Shiatzy Chen Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Women at Paris Fashion Week

Bright colors characterize the opening design of the Shiatzy Chen Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. The model wears a yellow, sleeveless shirt, a green sheer skirt, and gold, wide-strapped shoes. The collection continues with solid-colored skirts, bright-colored designs on an other-wise sold piece.

The collection is fun, and quirky. There are short-shorts covered with a long-skirt of sheer materials. Jackets with bright graphics (a fish, face, or a simple stripe), and an orange box for a purse. The dresses are loose-fitting, though they show the form of the model’s figure at the top, and balloon out below the waist.

There are some spectacular designs in the collection. I loved the red, shiny pants with a matching top over a bright yellow shirt with graphics on it, and the black, short-jacket, over black short-shorts.

As the collection progresses, we see less jackets and more sheer material—each time, adding a layer over (and sometimes under) braziers designed to be worn out. The fabric of the outfits continue to a shiny, flesh-color, then red, and afterwards a shiny, pale, gray-blue. Mostly, the palette of each design is a harmonious one.

The clothing is fun, and definitely has an outdoor, summer feel to it. Bright and colorful, the shiny materials of the designs must simply radiate in the sun.

The more formal designs at the end of the collection added the more dramatic use of black, dark green, and a white, sheer skirt/top combination. Despite being more formal designs, they still retained the bright, festive graphics.

About Shiatzy Chen

Designer Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia and her husband, Wang Yuan-hong, formed Shiatzy Chen in 1978 in Taiwan.  They have been making clothing for women and men ever since, and have grown to become one of the most prominent fashion labels in Taiwan.

Visit the Shiatzy Chen Website

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