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Minx, Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015

Minx Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015 Collection for Women at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

The opening design for the Minx Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015 Collection for Women at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin is a clean, professional look.  A grey, elbow-length sweater over a white blouse, and a black, knee-length wool skirt.  The collection continues with wool, flare-cuff pants, a print blouse, and a jacket.

This collection starts with a gray-scale palette.  Nice, patterned material used in blouses and skirts—offset with solid jacket, skirts, and sweaters.  There is no jewelry or accents, no buttons, and the heels are simple, black, and elegant.

As the collection moves towards color, we see a brown skirt—still against the black shoes and top  And, then a maroon blouse with an open neckline.

The dresses are as clean as the rest of the collection.  Loose-fitting, plain dresses that look comfortable, reveal the figure of the model, and move wonderfully when the model walks.  Simple finished sleeves and a vee neck.

Midway through the collection, we see the appearance of leather skirts, patterned silk blouses, and some fur coats.  The skirts and pants in the designs become gold, and then move through black with slits on the legs.

Towards the end of the collection, we see print dresses, and longer jackets.  These jackets are worn closed with large buttons fastening them. We also see some more color in the collection.  There is a pink silk blouse in one design, and another design is quite bold with maroon, leather pants, and a maroon blouse with a huge face as part of the design.  It is offset by a solid, mid-length coat.  There is also a black and pink print pattern used in blouses, for a pantsuit, and a skirt in several of the last designs.

The lights come down, and when they return, the Minx collection moves into formal evening wear.  A shimmering, full-length, silver dress next to a smart, tailored tuxedo open this portion of the show.  The material of the dress follows the plunging neckline, bunches at the torso, and then fans out to generate the elegant lines of this design.  A bare-shouldered black dress has a long, black skirt with a pattered print top.  A long, black, wool dress has black leather sewn into the top, and a stripe of the silver material emerges from the open hem at the leg and wraps around the black.  And a lot of shiny black material with both a gold and a silver sheen.  These are gorgeous pieces.

Overall, this is a very cohesive collection.  The clean, uncomplicated designs allow the woman wearing the clothing to be the center of attention.  The models wore very little makeup, no jewelry, and had full, flowing curly hair—their faces radiating and warm.  I feel that the woman wearing the designs is very much the center of the attention.

About Minx

Minx designer, Eva Lutz, believes that fashion inspires the wearer’s personality, and designs her clothing for a unique style—but, primarily for comfort.  In addition to Minx, Eva Lutz designs a Large Sizes Collection called Sallie Sahne.  Her studio is located away from the city in rural Franconia.

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