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Fall/Winter 2014-2015, Germany, Michalsky, Pret a Porter, Women

Michalsky, Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015

Michalsky Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015 Collection for Women

The Michalsky Fall/Winter 2014 – 2015 Collection for Women opens with white, taper-legged pants and a black blouse—covered with a long coat.  It moves to a black,leather skirt topped with a simple, white blouse.

The set of the show is a large, walking path that curves and winds in a large loop, instead of a traditional, straight runway.  The audience sits around the outer edge of the path, and the center is green with the props of fallen, fall-colored leaves on it.  The models walk out a door, down a flight of outdoor stairs and walk along the path.  The bright, fall colors is a warm difference to the gray-scale palette of the designs in the collection.

This collection is largely composed of of separates.  they styling of tapered legs in the pants is a nod to the past, though Michalsky puts an updated twist to them—pleats in the legs.

There is a beautiful use of shiny material with beautiful details embroidered into the material on a full-body, tight-fitting jump suit.  It is offset by a white, full-length coat.  There are also plenty of leather pants with tapered legs, and sharp, pointed high-heels.

Later in the collection, Michalsky introduces some printed fabric—black with a silver pattern.  At first, it is used in a skirt, then a blouse, and later, in a jacket.  We also see some hints at a peach/pink color in a knitted sweater, and later in pleated pants.

Towards the end of the collection, Michalsky introduces a full-length evening gown.  Pink, with a sheer top embroidered with sparkling jewels.  A tight-bodiced formal dress—also studded with shining embroidery.  A red, pant-suit with a deep-vee cut on the jacket.  And, a formal, red dress with a full-length skirt.

Overall, this is a beautiful, practical collection. The leather pants, rich materials, and beautiful construction definitely keep to the standards of what you would expect from a Michalsky show.  This is definitely worth watching.

About Michalsky

Born in Germany, Michael Michalsky studied fashion design in London, and was heavily influenced by London’s youth culture of the 1980s, music, and music videos.  He has won multiple awards and is highly regarded as a fashion designer.

Michalsky showed this collection at his own Stylein-Night of Fashion and Music.

Visit the Michalsky Website

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