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Fashion Show Video is about the collections of clothing–presented in full-length, non-edited videos in order for you to see the entire collection of clothing.  But, let’s face it–we would be here without the fashion designers who are responsible for all of these wonderful collections of clothing.

In order to help you discover some of the fashion designers from around the world that we have featured on this site, we are adding this new section to the Website.  So, click and explore and perhaps you will discover your next, new favorite fashion designer along the way.

Fashion Designers by Country

We Need Your Help

Are we missing a fashion designer or some collections on this site that we really need to add?

You can recommend a fashion designer or fashion collection by using our online Recommend a Show or Fashion Designer form.  Please remember that the videos must be full-length and without any stylistic editing to them.  In short, they must feature the clothing of the fashion designer collection–and, not the skills of the video editor.  We want the clothing to tell the story!

Fall 2013 Fashions