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Balmain, Fall/Winter 2013-2014, France, Paris Fashion Week, Women

Balmain Fall/Winter 2013 – 2014

Balmain Fall/Winter 2013 − 2014 Collection for Women at Paris Fashion Week

The opening design of the Balmain Fall/winter 2013 − 2014 Collection for Women is a bright, shining, and intricate long-sleeved top over black leggings.  The top is woven to have compartments that form a tight bodice with large folds of fabric around the shoulder along the bottom edge.

The designs of the collection give the models an exaggerated figure—with many of the designs collecting at the waist with a strong, wide wrap of shiny material.  Some of the designs are top/pants, some are jumpsuits, and others are large jackets with leggings.

The collection uses leather, shiny silver and gold materials, black wool, a shiny, sating material, and there was even a white, angora sweater.

As the collection progresses, we see some more color, and the ornateness returns to the blouses.  Jewel-encrusted tops in bright purple and pink.  The craftsmanship is phenomenal.  These are stunning pieces.

The models wear large, hanging earrings, and little else.  Most of the tops are long-sleeve, and with as bright as the collection is, bracelets and other jewelry would simply be lost against the brilliance of the tops.

Later in the collection, the color palette moves from the black, silver, and gold through the pink and on to bright, emerald green, and a royal blue.  Towards the end, we even see purple in several of the designs.

Overall, this is a strong collection.  The designs are striking, and not to be worn by the humble.  You would need the ego to wear a design from this collection because all the eyes would be on you.

About Balmain

Balmain studied architecture, but left school in 1934 to work for Edward Malyneux.  After WWII, he opened his own fashion line, and has used his architecture principles to design “simple, tailored suits as well as grand evening gowns,” and has several iconic designs to his credit.

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