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Fashion Start

Years ago, when I was a commercial photographer and operated my studio, I was hired by an emerging fashion designer to capture images from two of her fashion shows.

My approach to these fashion shows, as well as the several high-fashion shoots that followed, was heavily influenced by my other work–Interior Architecture and Product Photography.  Both of those genres of photography require clean, undistorted representations of the subject matter.  We are still looking for this in Fashion Show video footage, today.

At Fashion Show Video, we collect videos that clearly SHOW THE CLOTHING AND JEWELRY DESIGNS.

What Fashion Show Video is NOT

  • Fashion Videos that show the editor’s favorite 2 minutes of footage, or anyone’s highlights for that matter, are not wanted–we show start-to-finish, full collections.
  • Likewise, flashy post-processing edits make you aware of the editor while watching the video.  These edits are an unwanted distraction from the clothing.  Those editors have forgotten that a fashion show is for the audience to see the clothing, the fine details of the clothing and how the clothing moves on the live models.
  • For several years, it was fashionable for an “active” camera angle to move and zoom and be in constant motion–supposedly in an attempt to build excitement.  Unfortunately, it only builds frustration as our attention is drawn to the camera operator, and not able to fully focus on the clothing.
  • Lastly, we love fashion videos–but, they belong somewhere else.  This website is about runway shows.

What is Fashion Show Video?

We are an online clearing house and a resource for clean, undistorted videos of full, start-to-finish fashion clothing collections.

We have built this website to be a resource for you.  If you have heard of a fashion designer, and want to see the learn more about his or her work, at Fashion Show Video, you can see a video history of their collections–as they showed on the runway.  If you want to look for emerging trends in the Spring/Summer collections at the Fashion Week in Berlin, you can find full-show videos of the collections here at Fashion Show Video.

None of the video material is ours, but all of the videos are publicly available and free to view.  We give full credit to the fashion designers and title sponsors for producing the clothing, jewelry and the shows that show them (with links), as well as to the videographers and organizations who attended these shows and captured the footage (also, with links).

If you want to get your show footage or designs added to the site, please use our Recommend a Show or Designer.  And, if you have any questions or suggestions, please Contact Us using the online form.

Thank you.

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