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France, Paris Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014, Vionnet, Women

Vionnet, S/S 2014

Vionnet Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Collection for Women, Paris Fashion Week

Pale colors, blues, and long, flowing dresses.  Striking, long cuts in another full-length, dark dress.  Followed with a short blue jumper with lace wrapped around the model’s legs as a skirt

This collection started with a lovely mix of pale blues and dark, navy blue—all of it accented with white.  Later in the collection, the pieces shifted to yellows, and nude/tan colors, again accented with the white and sometimes brown.

It contained interesting tops—some buttoned all the way to the top with exaggerated shoulders, and often there was a shiny, thick, blue wrap used as a belt to accentuate the waistline.  It also had short, jumpers, in both pale blue and dark blue.

Out of the entire collection, I loved the dresses the most.  Long, flowing dresses and big, full skirts with nods given to the Madame Madeleine Vionnet’s original “bias cut” fabric accentuated the movements and body shape of the models who wore them.

Quite simply, this collection really shines with the full-length, formal, evening wear.  The formal dresses were beautiful and elegant with simple or non-existent accents.  The later pieces of the collection featured more wrapping of the cloth and more exposed sides, necklines and backs.  And, all of the pieces in the collection are constructed of large, swatches of color with few buttons, and no zippers.  It leaves each piece with a clean, uncomplicated, flowing look.

Other than a few rowdy guests (you can hear them yelling in the video), this was a pleasant, modern collection of clothing, and the clothing is quite beautiful.  With Goga Ashkenazi newly at the helm of both the creative and business sides of Vionnet, it will be interesting to watch the future developments of this legend fashion label.

About Vionnet

Madame Madeleine Vionnet started the original clothing line by her name in 1912.  She pioneered the “bias cut”—cutting fabric diagonally against the grain of the material.  That biased cut fabric drapes around the body of the woman to move and flow as the woman walks and moves.  Vionnet’s work revolutionized fashion for women in the last century.

In May of 2012, Goga Ashkenazi became the major stockholder in Vionnet and relaunched the fashion label where she leads both the creative and business aspects of the company.

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