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Viktor & Rolf, F/W 2012 – 2013

Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2012 − 2013 Collection for Women at Paris Fashion Week

A huge, full moon hangs in the twilight sky at the opening of the Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 fashion show.  A conveyor belt moves silhouettes of the models beneath it. Violins sing in the background. When the first models walks down the curved runway, her dark features and purple-red lips blend with her silk jumper. The folds of the cloth and the patterns are gothic.

The predominant patters in the material has a gold texture set on a dark-brown, sometimes purple, and solid colors of gold, black, and silver later in the collection. It hints at the fiber of muscle, or flesh. The silk moves beautifully as the models walk down the runway.

The details of the collection are beautiful. A looped bow of fabric tied under the collar, and skin-tight cuffs of the blouse. A wrapped tie around the waist for a belt. The pants fit loosely, as do the arms—both collect together at the waist.

As the Viktor & Rolf show progresses, we see less complicated patterns in the fabric. A dress in off-white (or very faint lavender) with the sleeves and cuffs of the collection, but plain in every other way. We also see new elements, such as strips of fur outlining the silhouette of the model, and jackets and coats.

The shoes of the collection are very interesting. At the beginning of the collection, they were mostly the color of the clothing. Later, some red shoes began to appear—as if peeking out from under the pants of the collection. They are a deep, shiny, blood-red, and match the color of the model’s lipstick.

Towards the end of the collection, the design of the jackets (especially the collars) become more exaggerated. Thick fur, full-length, wide-collared coats look ready for the coldest night.

And, the collection returns to dresses. Each of these final designs begins with tufts of fur, and swatches of black, held together by sheer. The elements come together to form designs that are somehow brutal, sexy, and elegant.

About Viktor & Rolf

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren met in fashion school, and have been designing together ever since. In addition to fashion, they have collaborated with other artists and brands, have opened art exhibitions, costume design for theatre, won numerous awards, and even have their own line of fragrances.

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