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Tiger of Sweden, S/S 2013

Tiger of Sweden Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

The Tiger of Sweden Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is a fun, and bright collection of clothing presented at the Stockholm Fashion Week and designed for both Women and Men.  The patterns are very colorful and there is a lot of sheen in the fabrics of the collection.  The collection has a neat, tidy style.  There are smart, wool jackets mixed with white pants, and print dresses, and a flowing, futuristic edge to the clothing.

For the men, there is a hint of James Dean in some of the clothing (sounds as if it were a spice you could add to a casserole), a nice remake of the trench-coat in some new colors and with some new fabrics, and a nice usage of jackets.  There were some nice coats for Women in the collection–particularly the styles cut from the sheer/white striped cloth.  It was a nice twist on a standard design.

Overall, I liked this collection.  The jackets and the fabrics kept my interest, I was able to ignore the baseball caps, and this was an excellent collection.

About Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden has a long history–starting as far back as 1903.  One of the early founders of ready-made suits in common, their “Tiger” model was so popular that they company took the name.

After making it through WWII and the untimely death of their leader, Tiger redefined its mission in 1993 to applying a minimalist style to the suit, and has continued to change since.

But, don’t take my word for it.  Visit the Tiger of Sweden website to read the entire “Brand Heritage.”

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