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Tibi Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013

Tibi Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 Collection for Women at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York

The Tibi Fall/Winter 2012 − 2013 Collection opens with a smart-looking pant-suit for women—complete with a double-breasted jacket in gray, and matching, short-legged pants in the same shade.  The model wears a simple white blouse underneath and black boots.

The professional wear of this line is composed mostly of shorts and pants paired with a simple white blouse (with a few short dresses), and topped with a coat.  The color palette consists of white, gray, some blue/green plaid, and black accents.

There are wonderful, thick sweaters in this collection, as well as loose, flowing skirts.  Later in the collection, we see some loose pants, in addition to the more fitted pants that we had seen so far.

The models on the runway for this collection wore no jewelry and very little makeup.  Most designs included black, flat-bottom and heeled boots, although a few of the designs featured shiny-black, falt-bottomed shoes.

Throughout the collection, there is a wonderful white fabric with silhouettes of flying birds on it.  We first saw it on a blouse, but we also saw it on a dress, skirt, and on a vest.  Later, the collection makes skirts and jackets from a shiny, almost plastic-looking material in deep maroon and green colors.  There is also a shiny, metal-flaked material in emerald green.  Often, the more exotic materials are set against wool in either black, or a rich, deep color.

The designs of this collection are clean, comfortable-looking, and despite come of the more exotic materials, tend to lean a little on the conservative side and would fit easily into most business and personal affairs.

About Tibi

American Designer, Amy Smilovic, grew up in Georgia and had a background in marketing.  She launched the Tibi label in 1997.

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