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Pret a Porter, Spring/Summer 2013, Sweet Dreams, Women

Sweet Dreams, S/S 2013

Sweet Dream Spring/Summer 2013 Collection for Women by Designer, Svetlana Kushnerova

The Sweet Dreams Collection starts with a shining, sparking design.  White, beaded shorts and bra, covered by an interesting dress.  A sheer top in the front, and a long, black skirt attached, with a generous slit.  The design is accented by ornate bracelets and black high-heels.

The following dress is a mixture of sheer and woven textiles.  The bands of sheer are off-set with a zig-zag pattern—joining the larger, solid swatches of the woven material.

The next design features shiny, black leather overalls, over a lace, embroidered top.

As the collection moves forward, the black leather becomes strong accents on the clothing.  Ties for a top, rather than buttons, or suspenders for a skirt.  The use of leather also expands to tan and other colors, and it long, swooshing shapes on the clothing.

Sheer materials runs common though the collection.  A beautiful sheer top with a plunging neckline, or an entire sheer dress with leather strips, or woven textile attached in patterns or design.  Together the leather and the sheer produce an interesting visual contrast that is nice. Later the sheer material is mixed with linen, and  sometimes contains its own pattern.

One dress is split in half—black, shiny leather on one side, and patterned, embroidered sheer material on the other.  The piece is offset by a simple belt—thin like a band.

Combining the collection elements with a bit more attitude, we see leather pants under a sheer top—with the square, black suspenders.

Overall, this collection has some strong elements mixed with the implied delicateness of sheer material.  The dresses are flowing and pretty.   The mixture of the thin-cut leather strips creates an interesting movement in the clothes—as well as an interesting effect on the design.  The designs in this show are interesting, and definitely worth the watch.

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