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support surface S/S 2013

The support surface Spring/Summer 2013 Collection for Women is composed of a light, fresh collection of loose-fitting clothes that look comfortable to wear. The collection includes striped shorts and pants, buttoned-down jackets and dresses, and the detailing is excellent. The accents are kept to a minimum with a single zipper in the back, or a line of simple buttons. The cleanness of the clothes is refreshing and uncomplicated.

As the show moves through the collection, we see a wonderful collection of colors. At first, neutral tones of brown and gray were paired with stripes and whites. Panels of the two materials were sewn together—one panel in the front, and the other in the back. The pallet expands to lavender and greens with a few pieces in blue.

In the second half of the show, the accents disappear and are replaced by folds of cloth in the dresses and blouses. The fabric becomes more sheer and more delicate, and the neutral colors are replaced with oranges and greens. The final pieces in the collection are simple, layered dresses with a sheer layer of color over the top of them.

I am very fond of Japanese fashion—in diversity, wear-ability, and I love the way they are presented, and support surface exemplifies all of this. Instead of the techno-glitz of some runways, a live band sings a loose, open-ended musical score that matches the spring and summer focus of the collection.  This show is definitely worth the watch.

You can visit the support surface website (Japanese only).

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