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support surface F/W 2013 – 2014

support surface Fall/Winter 2013 – 2014 Collection for Women at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

A single solitaire light shines down on a lone model emerging from darkness. Angelic music (sung live) fills the air. The opening design of the support surface Fall/Winter 2013 – 2014 Collection hangs loosely on that model. Brown trousers with rolled legs (mid-calf) are topped with a white sweater with pink stripes, and a purple seam. The model wears gold, sparkling shoes.

There are clean designs in this collection. No jewelry or excessive makeup. Each design has brown pants, some legs more fitted than others, and a simple, single-colored top. The fabrics are made from a finely-woven cloth, and have simple buttons, or a nice, small collar. There is a long, fuchsia coat with clean features and simple buttons.

The dresses of the collection continue the elements of earth-toned hues, finely-woven fabric, and plain buttons. There is a sewn-in swatch in the center. One of patterned print, and another of solid, mustard-yellow. They look soft and easy to wear.

Other dresses in the collection have loosely-draped material, or are made of a muted-hue red from wool (or cashmere) with a single stripe along the shoulder line.

Later, the collection added warm sweaters to the collection. Muted-colors, tightly-knitted with natural stripes. We also see a full-length leather jacket—reddish-brown with the same white collar from some of the other designs.

There are skirts with feathers attached over glittery tights. And, the second half of the show shifts its focus to jackets. Long, loose-fitting jackets. Some tied with a wrap around the waist. Some closed with buttons. Others have a simple strap fastener. Most of them made from a wool. All of them with simple, clean lines-they are beautiful.

Towards the end of the collection, we begin to see some interesting fabric being used on the blouses. There is a sheer fabric with pink flowers sewn to it used as accents and the sleeve on another blouse. There are also brighter-colored silks used in the designs. And, some on the designs carried an iridescent quality by layering fabrics.

Overall, I am a fan of Japanese designers and shows, and the support surface Fall/Winter 2013 − 2014 collection for Women lives up to all of my expectations. It is a beautiful, cohesive collection, and the clothing is simply wonderful.

About support surface

support surface’s designer, Norio Surikabe, has worked for several major desginers in Europe, and the support surface brand has been at various MBFWT shows since 2008.

Visit the support surface Website.

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