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Copenhagen Fashion Week, Denmark, Fall/Winter 2011-2012, Pret a Porter, Rutzou, Women

Rutzou, F/W 2011-2012

Rützou Fall/Winter 2011 – 2012 Collection for Women featured during Copenhagen Fashion Week features mostly long, solid-colored free-flowing dresses, skirts and blouses. There are a few pattern prints in the collection, but they are muted and subtle. The style is simple and highlights a graceful, ease of movement of the wearer.

The collection, however, features some very interesting jewelry. Large, rounded beaded necklaces of various patters and sizes adorn the necks of models in both a gold color, and a shiny, polished black (perhaps Onyx) stone. On pieces of the collection where the neckline is clean/exposed, the same beaded jewelry is wrapped around the wrist or forearm as a bracelet or gauntlet. The space between the beads is large and the beads themselves move as the models walk.

The models throughout the collection had a clean, pale look to them. Slight rough on the cheeks and bright red lips–with the hair worn short in a tidy, loose way.

Although the time on this video is over 30 minutes, the show is actually repeated three times.

About Rützou

I love the description of the clothing line as written on the Rützou website:

Part of the cleverness is the way Susanne Rützou has reframed the sullied term “fashion” by harnessing the DNA of the eponymous brand by seeking inspiration outside of the industry. Such contrasts are enriched by her application of ideas from cultural anthropology, history, intense studies in chromatology and contemporary art, all longstanding interests of the designer.

I don’t know about you, but I want MY DESIGNER to think that way . . . .

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