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Fall/Winter 2013-2014, Maya Hansen, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, Spain, Women

Maya Hansen, F/W 2013 – 2014

Maya Hansen Fall/Winter 2013 – 2014 Collection for Women at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

This Maya Hansen collection, titled Edelweiss, begins with a huge rams head on stage, and the first model walks before it wrapped in a patterned silk. When she opens the wrap, she reveals a dramatic, Roman-esque corset of copper, printed shorts, and tall, tied boots.

Following pieces have leggings of the themed print, topped with sweaters. Thick sweaters of interwoven patterns. The hair of the models are wrapped on either side of the head—a gesture towards the huge ram on the stage.

Corsets are a large part of the collection. Some woven partly from similar sweater material. Others, built right into the mini-dress. Or, another out of tufts of fur.

As the collection continued, the pants shifted from shiny, patterned leggings to leather pants. Clay-colored leather pants, topped with a wool jacket with wide lapels. Later, a clay-colored mini skirt with pleats and a tapestry fabric corset, jacket, and thigh-high boots.

While I may not be a personal fan of leather, it is used beautifully throughout the collection. The attention to detail is incredible—whether the leather is a accent on another part of the outfit, or if it is the feature of it.

Further through the show, the collection moved through a different time-period. There is an elaborate gold jacket with a feeling of the nobility of the 1700’s to it. A little later, a black jacket with the same gold pattern walked the runway.

Interspersed between the more exotic designs are beautiful silk dresses—printed with a rich, colorful pattern.

The collection shifts gear, and one of the models wears a corset and shorts—the corset laden with clusters of crystals, and followed by a royal corset and shorts combination.

Overall, there is a richness and ornateness to each of the designs in this collection that throws a not to many couture designs. The footwear is amazing, and the attention to detail is phenomenal. These are simply beautiful clothes.

Note: The show ends at 16:27, and the rest of the video is filled with blackspace.

About Maya Hansen

Maya Hansen, specializing in corsets, debuted in 2006 and is named after the designer, Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen. Maya, the award-winning designer, was born and raised in Madrid, graduated from Centro Superior de Diseno de Moda de Madrid, and has a bright future ahead of her.

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