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Maiyet S/S 2013

Maiyet Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

The Maiyet Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Fashion Show is a wonderful collection.  The dresses are beautiful and are made with wonderful and interesting textiles, and the jewelry in this collection elegant and beautiful.

Some of the looks are fashioned from sheer cloth with patterns woven into the very cloth.  There are some patterned prints used in some of the pieces (white with grey spots, or the gray with scales).  And, some of the other fabrics are solid, earth colors with bright, bold graphics–sometimes resembling a family crest, and others resembling symbols from the walls of ancient South American ruins.

With the foliage on the stage, the connection to the jungle of this collection is pretty clear–but, the airy, loose-fitting looks of this collection look beautiful and comfortable.  Another fantastic collection from Maiyet.

About Maiyet

Maiyet is a fashion line that is a little different. Paul van Zyl and Daniel Lubetzky, the founders, recruit artisans from around the world for their clothing collections. They train the artisans to produce production-quality materials, and they share the profits with the indigenous designers who make the clothing.

As a result, their clothing and jewelry collections are interesting, beautiful and unique. With Maiyet clothing and jewelry, in addition to purchasing excellent and unique clothing, you are supporting positive world social change.

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