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Maiyet F/W 2012-2013

Maiyet Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 Collection

Maiyet Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 Collection for Women at Paris Fashion Week is another interesting collection.  First of all, I like their mission–to seek artisan designers from around the world, give them training in modern textile/design production, and then get their perspectives (through their designs) to the market and the world.

This collection uses sheer fabrics with dark, solid colors in clean, uncomplicated ways.  The silhouettes forms a nice contrast–sharp in some areas and flowing in others.  These silhouettes are combined with plunging necklines, elegant jewelry and accessories (love the hats) and classic wool jackets.

Though this collection is filled with solid, and stunning winter looks, there is something a  different and unique about the clothing–and, I can only attribute it to the perspective of the designers.  Their take on a winter time dress and jacket.  All-in-all, this Maiyet Collection is simply beautiful.

About Maiyet

Maiyet is a fashion line that is a little different. Paul van Zyl and Daniel Lubetzky, the founders, recruit artisans from around the world for their clothing collections. They train the artisans to produce production-quality materials, and they share the profits with the indigenous designers who make the clothing.

As a result, their clothing and jewelry collections are interesting, beautiful and unique. With Maiyet clothing and jewelry, in addition to purchasing excellent and unique clothing, you are supporting positive world social change.

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