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JC de Castelbajac, S/S 2014

JC de Castelbajac Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Women shown at Paris Fashion Week

The opening piece in the collection is a dress shirt with a very Picasso-inspired face and splotches of red, blue and green.  The shoes are bright and colorful.

Large swaths of color on dresses of all types.  Short, dresses, long dresses, and blouse/skirt combinations—all of them adorned with green, red, and blue primary colors.

As the show progressed, we moved to a bright blue jumper, and tan two-piece outfits with large, exaggerated features (like sewing seams), and black-outlined collars and pockets.  Each of them laden with words in a high-contrast color.

From primary colors to words, and later to hands—covering the clothing in interesting patterns.  Following these, the styles shift to geometric shapes of earth-toned colors—splashed across retro-styled cuts of clothing.  He even introduced some camouflage patterns—in gold, white, black, and brown.

As the collection continued, some of the designs continued with the boldness in color, but lost some of the political statements.  Gold, loose-fitting pants with a black top and exposed arms.  Across the chest, a symbol of a head with a gold lightning bolt through the middle, and gold eyeglasses in the shape of lips.

Overall, the pieces are bold and make a statement (or many statements—depending upon the piece).  Regardless of the statement, they are beautifully cut and artistic, and are memorable pieces.

The show ends with a full-sized projection of the face from the first design of the show—one green eye, one blue eye, looking out to the crowd.

About JC de Castelbajac

Born in Morocco, JC de Castelbajac has been combining art in a sometimes poignant, sometimes political, sometimes fun way since his first collection in 1969.  He has been known to collaborate with some of the best artists of the time—especially those from other mediums than fashion. (JC de Castelbajac Website)

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