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Fendi, Italy, Milan Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014, Women

Fendi, S/S 2014

Fendi Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Women at Milan Fashion Week

The Fendi Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Women opens with a waterfall, and a red, sleeveless dress that fades from red to sheer towards the bottom.  It is loose-fitting, and is accented with red shoes, and the short, bobbed hairstyle of the model.  Each line of red has a geometric form shape to it, and feels futuristic.

The next designs have inlaid shapes like the opener—though they are in different patterns.  Diagonal, and then vertical stripes, and like the first design, each stripe is a slight color-variation of the last.  The cut of the clothes are recognizable—but, the colors, and stripes seem like a very modern update to a skirt and blouse, or a dress.

The models carry purses, and wear sunglasses.  They have bushy, brightly colored accents on their handbags and in their hair, and the color of the designs move through blue, black, and orange, and then red.  Though there is a little sheer in most of the designs, the designs are fairly modest.

As the collection starts incorporating more solid fabrics, the patters have the feeling and shapes of a circuit-board and electronics.  Some of the other designs have grids composed of squares, and a network patterns on the tops and skirts.

Overall, this collection pays homage to the technological age.  The materials look futuristic, the way the designs are assembled look technically complex, and the designs and patterns incorporate icons from the world of technology and electronics.

About Fendi

Fendi started in 1925 when Edoardo Fendi and Adele Casagrande opened a small leather, fur, and luggage shop in Rome.  The daughters took over the brand after WWII, and Karl Lagerfield begins collaborating with the line in 1965.  The 5 sisters launched the first Fendi clothing collection with the first fashion film, “Histoire d’Eau,” in 1977.

Today, Fendi has clothing lines for women, men, and children, a line of fragrances, and true to their origins, hand-bags—including the “Baguette bag.”

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