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Desigual, S/S 2014

Desigual Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Women and Men at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York

The opening pieces of the Desigual collection are fun.  Contrasty patterns of black on a grayish background on short, fun skirts, shorts, and a jump dress.  There’s a big, floppy hat (which we will see more than once throughout the collection), and the patterns become a bot more asymmetric and human.

There are men’s designs in the collection, too.  Black and white bow tie over skinny jeans and a jacket.  It has a very 50’s feeling to it with the rolled pant legs and flat-shoes.

As the collection moved into color, they first added round splotches of red on the skirts and blouses of the women’s clothing.  Ultimately, to add light blue, and replace the black with navy.  The dresses for women are loose fitting and shapely.

The next designs for men had salmon-colored pants and a floral print scarf with mustard green.  Certainly fun and festive, as impractical as it may be.  There was also a dark jacket with flowers, over a black button-up shirt with blue flowers and once again skinny jeans.  In another design, there were green pants, with a multi-colored button-down and an athletic jacket—made of satin, again black with the blue flowers.

The clothing for women simply feels fun.  The fabric, patterns, and cut all have the feeling as if you were on your way to outing to Central Park or brunch.  There are short shorts, and blouses, jump dresses, and floppy hats.  You get this feel because the models on the runway can’t seem to help themselves from dancing.

There are some interesting pieces in the collection—notably, the jacket-dresses.  One in yellow, and another in a red, circle pattern.  Also, some lovely, 70-inspired dress of colors and patterns.

Get ready for summer—the styles in this collection need to be outside and in the sunshine enjoying the summer sun.

About Desigual

Desigual is a Spanish-based company founded by Thomas Meyer of Switzerland in 1984, and now led by Manel Adell.  It employs sometimes as many as 25 designers to create up to 1000 items for each collection for women, men, and children, and claims the design philosophy of positivity, tolerance, commitment, and fun.

Desigual has shops located around the world, and an online store.

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