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Celine, England, Paris Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014, Women

Céline, Spring/Summer 2014

Céline Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Women at Paris Fashion Week

The Céline Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Women is set in an open room.  Instead of a traditional, straight runway, the models walk through the seated guests in a loopy trail that circles through the frames of walls that are open.

The first design is a white tank top with bold, black swooshes over a skirt with deep, red-brown stripes.  Both the black and the red-brown stripes look as if they were painted with a wide, common paint brush.  The handbag has large, angled handles made of metal, and the model has a large, gold-colored bracelet on the other wrist.

There is a red, sleeveless blouse with the same swooshes over a striped skirt.  This time, the model has a white bag with a circular, silver opening, and a white bracelet on the other wrist.

Later in the collection, we see pleated skirts.  Some are white with with the bright swooshes of color, and others are black.  Most of them have an uneven length.

The accessories in this collection are very interesting.  Bright, colorful bracelets, colorful, ringed necklaces, and large, loop-opening handbags.  The bags themselves are sometimes made from colored leather, and other times of a leather mesh.

The jackets vary from a bright-blue leather jacket with a large, folded lapel that reveals a white underside.  Some of the jackets have rings set into them—gathered at the waist with a black, leather belt.  Other jackets are created from printed material.  And, at the end, we saw some solid, black jackets worn over the brightly-colored clothing underneath.

Overall, this is a colorful, contemporary collection.  The loose-fitting clothing flows beautifully as the model wears them, and the bright, contrasty colors are attention-getting.  Each design in this collection is both unique and memorable.

About Céline

The Céline Collection is the creation of British designer, Phoebe Philo.  She was born in Paris, and graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art in London.

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