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Aristocrazy, Fall/Winter 2013-2014, Jewelry, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, Spain, Women

Aristocrazy, F/W 2013-2014

Aristocrazy Fall/Winter 2013 – 2014 Collection of Jewelry for Women at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

After an elaborate and dramatic opening sequence, Aristorcrazy 2013 Collection launched into a striking first design. A long, black dress – loose, but form fitting – offset with an amazing bodice of silver, metal. In addition to this hammered silver breastplate, the model wears gauntlets as well.

The next design continued with the gauntlets and breastplate—this time with a criss-crossed chain back. It also included a silver nose chain.

Further in the collection, the solid breastplate shifted to smaller, solid silver plates—covering the neck, and chains. Or, shoulder plates made of spiky, silver. And, the gauntlets shrank into bracelets.

The pieces are dark, sharp, and ornate. Some seem violent and powerful, others seem calming and serene, and yet others take calming items and pose them as dark, violent objects. A single gauntlet of interlaced roses had spikes on the end of the vines, and positively looks as if it could be used as a weapon.

Of note, one of the designs is a large, silver breastplate fashioned as if it were the protective feathers outlined by chain links. The roses appeared frequently in the collection.

The collection moves from silver into gold and along through the precious metals—at first, with the chains, and then on to a plumage of copper feathers, what appears to be a brass bustier, a single shoulder of plate-mail, and a chest piece of stamped armor. Towards the end of the collection, the designs include a thick, gold snake coiled around the neck of the model, stags horns around the shoulders, and tree branches.

Throughout the collection, the entire back wall featured a dynamic graphic show–as if the models were emerging from a castle. Over the course of the show, seasons changed, the castle was attached by a dragon and set afire, and it changed colors and moods depending upon the pieces.

The 2013 Aristocrazy Collection is beautiful, powerful collection that evokes an entire range of emotions. This is definitely a sight to behold.

About Aristocrazy

Emiliano Suarez Faffian opened a small jewlery store back in 1942—that is well received. In 2010, his family transformed the small jewelry store into an entirely separate brand—called Aristocrazy. In 2012, Aristocrazy was the first jewelry brand to have a major runway show, and they are continuing that momentum with their newest collection.  Visit the Aristocrazy online store.

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