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Fall/Winter 2013-2014, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York, Pret a Porter, United States, Women

Anna Sui, Fall/Winter 2013 – 2014

Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2013 − 2014 Collection for Women at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York

The Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2013 − 2014 Collection for women begins with a campy, colorful, French-looking stage set and the models do a little dance.  The entire scene is very late 60’s—complete with French renditions of the music of the era as the sound-track.

The opening design has a short skirt with a long-sleeve, short-waisted jacket over fuchsia tights, blouse, and heels.  She wears a short, faux necktie, and her hair is in a bob.

The collection quickly moves from fuchsia to maroon, but the skirts stay short, and the collection is staying in the time period.  There are knee-high boots, and bell-bottom pants—though the materials have been updated to fit with the collection.  Eventually, the color palette shifts to a blue/navy color, but the fabric is bathed in bright patterns, and the designs keep the tall socks, and short skirts.

There is a brightly colored short dress, covered with a thick, deep purple wool jacket paired with blue and red-striped stockings and white boots.  There are simple, plain deep purple and navy-patterned short dresses, and a spectacular green, psychadelic-patterned short dress.

The jackets are spectacular in this collection.  Patterns created from fur with thick collars, and short and long jackets made from tapestry fabric.   Some of the jackets have patterned material, and others.

Overall, the patterns and textures of this collection are a bit dizzying, but each design is a fun and playfully-updated version of the fashions of the late 60’s.

About Anna Sui

Anna Sui is an American Fashion designer who knew from an early age she wanted to design clothes.  She attended Parsons The New School for Design in New York and launched her first label from her apartment.  Today, she is one of the most widely recognized names in the fashion world.

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