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Alexandre Vauthier, Collection, France, Haute Couture, Paris Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2012, Women

Alexandre Vauthier Couture, S/S 2012

Alexandre Vauthier Couture, Spring/Summer 2012

Alexandre Vauthier Couture, Spring/Summer 2012 Collection for Women is filled with sexy, flowing designs.  The dresses and pantsuits use bold, solid colors, offset by gold jewelry.  Strong movement and plunging necklines are part of the dresses, full-length tops, blouses and pants of this spring-time collection.

The colors of the collection move from solid navy, into whites—offset by gold jewelry and polished, gold shoes.  There was a lavender dress in the collection, as well as a gold sequin cocktail dress and dresses composed of small filaments.  All of the fabrics have a sheen, or shine of some sort.  And, some outfits had shiny, black, tight-fitting pants with slim legs under a flowing top.

The shoes of this collection deserve mention.  The gold high-heels looked highly polished—almost as if they were made of the metal.  Straps from the gold shoes wrapped around the bottom of the pants legs, and around the model’s bare ankle with dresses.  When returning down the runway, the underside of the shoes revealed a bright red sole.

The cuts of the dresses and tops in this collection are spectacular.  They were bold, and dramatic.  It would be impossible for someone wearing one of these pieces to sneak into a room.  This clothing was designed to make an entrance.

About Alexandre Vauthier

Alexandre Vauthier has quite impressive credentials.  Upon graduation, he studied with Thierry Mugler before working with Jean-Paul Gaultier as Head Designer of the couture collection for 8 years.  In 2009, Vauthier launched his own brand.

You can learn more about Alexandre Vauthier and purchase his designs at his Website.

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